Rotten by James Neilson


Decomposing veggies get medieval.

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Here’s a little preview of my upcoming graduate film. It’ll be screened at the Cel-Outs animation exhibition in November along with works from heaps of talented animators in my course.

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More charcoal sketches from today and last week’s life drawing classes.

animation test for my grad film

animation test for my grad film

Far out I haven’t posted anything for a while. Here’s a nude dude I drew in my first life drawing class today. Soft charcoal 40 and 60 mins.

A Peppermint Larry inspired turn-around of a character for old mate Tabitha to hang out with

Heres one of the stop-mo animations I’ve been working on over the last month. It’s made up of 33 self-portraits of myself using acrylics, water-colours, pastels and charcoal.

The footage from my original shoot was a bit choppy so i’ll be uploading a cleaner version when I can get my hands on the right equipment to reshoot it.

Music Track: Podington Bear - Swollen Cloud

First watercolor painting in years. 7 more to do for my animated self portrait project

Got my war paint on

Once you go Brack…

Charcoal feat. Mole